Hi Claudia, on Friday 2nd June i spilt a cup of boiling hot water on my right hand and it began to turn red immediately and burn, i applied cold water but yet the burning feeling persisted. I found you through my mother who you had helped previously years back who constantly remarked about what […]

LS On Saturday afternoon, June 16, 2007, I had planned to clean up some branches in my garden. Since I was rather in a hurry and I wanted to do this quickly, I grabbed a jerry can of gasoline and covered the branches with petrol. During the lighting of the branches a large flashing flame […]

Dear Claudia, On Wednesday evening 27 June 2007 I got a pan of boiling water with beans on my left wrist during cooking. This hurt terribly and my arm immediately became red. I visited my doctor on Thursday. Last Monday I received your name and telephone number from a colleague. The pain was now a […]

Hi Claudia, During ironing I had my forearm against the iron, (stupid, stupid, stupid, but yes household accidents happen most). The wound was about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide. Within a short time there was a blister and it started to “shrine”, the pain really pulled inside. Then I contacted you by telephone. […]

from Gina Below I will try to write my story. My son of 19 is with the Marines on exercise in the mountains of Norway. He burns his right hand there. Tools are very limited in the middle of nature. There was some ointment on the wound and a bandage laid out … That was […]

Dear Claudia, Here is my story. In the evening I wanted to pour tea in my jug, then it was unfortunately over my left hand. My hand started to burn very badly and it turned bright red. The next day I still suffered from my hand. It was still burning badly. Then I contacted Claudia. […]

hi claudia I found your site on the internet and wondered if you could help me. last Thursday I burned when I was eating food with hot oil, the oil jumped in my face and now all have spots. According to the doctor, the first and second degree are bad it does not really hurt […]

Hi Claudia, First of all: many thanks for your help last night! Yesterday evening I burned a lot on a grid of the oven. It was a spot of at least ten centimeters long and around it a very painful circle that might hurt more. I chilled under the tap for a long time and […]

Thank you Claudia for your help. When I burned my cheek, neck and right breast with hot tea last Thursday, and after cooling with lukewarm water, the fire felt like it was still there. I got the tip to call you. I did that immediately and the result was amazing. The burn-through then disappeared and […]

Dear Claudia, Last wednesday our daughter have obtainend a large burn wound on her right femur while making apple juice with school. Miss Carla knew you and directly called you to give treatments to Lotte. The results are phenomenal and I could definitely say your treatments have worked successfully. When I saw Lotte I couldn’t […]

Dear Claudia, What are you an Angel! Yesterday I was sitting with my hand on a blood-hot handle of a pan. Normally I do not worry that much and don’t put water on it, but this time it was a completely different story. I was in a lot of pain. Thanks to your efforts, and […]

Dear Claudia, Last night I got boiling water on my right hand and you accompanied the cooling and the pain relief by telephone. The blister has pulled away, I have not had any pain and as you foresaw my night’s rest was indeed fine. I am pleasantly surprised and would like to express my gratitude […]