On Saturday afternoon, June 16, 2007, I had planned to clean up some branches in my garden. Since I was rather in a hurry and I wanted to do this quickly, I grabbed a jerry can of gasoline and covered the branches with petrol. During the lighting of the branches a large flashing flame arose where I stood with my right arm and head above.

After I noticed that I had been in the middle of a flash, I immediately called my doctor, Dr. van Gelderen, who came immediately (this took about 20 minutes). Meanwhile I have cooled both my head and my arm with cold / lukewarm flowing water. I felt and saw that it was serious. A big spot on my forehead where the sheets were hanging and a lot of scorched hair. A lot of pain in the right side of my face and forehead and pain in my right forearm.

Doctor van Gelderen immediately helped me with the necessary ointment and extensively connected the burned spots. While Doctor van Gelderen was connecting me, I tried to reach Claudia Went by phone. I wanted to reach her because I had a lot of pain and I know she has a gift to take away pain from burns.

I got Claudia on the phone and explained to her what had happened. I told Claudia that my right forearm and the right half of my face were burnt by a flash. Partly 2nd degree and further 1st degree.
After I had spoken to Claudia, I went to bed to recover from the shock and because I had a lot of pain. After about half an hour of rest, I felt no pain in my arm and my face. However, I kept a flaming stabbing pain in my right hand. When I realized this I called Claudia again and informed her that the pain in my arm and face was gone but that I still had pain in my right hand. Claudia told me that she had not treated my right hand either because I had not reported this. She promised me to do this after all. About an hour after I had spoken to her on the phone for the second time that day, the stabbing pain also disappeared in my hand.
Of course I kept feeling that I had suffered severe burns. But the severe pain I felt immediately after the accident had disappeared after I spoke to Claudia.

I have benefited greatly from the treatment that Claudia gave me. The fact that I have been able to heal my burns without hurting me is still amazing. I have had little or no pain during the changing of the dressing. I am firmly convinced that the absence of pain has greatly accelerated my healing process.

Claudia has a gift and she wants to use that gift. I can recommend every burn patient to use this. Those who doubt the gift of Claudia I invite to contact me. I like to tell about my experiences and hope to contribute my little bit in this way.

Gijs Hoefsloot