Dear Claudia,
Last wednesday our daughter have obtainend a large burn wound on her right femur while making apple juice with school.
Miss Carla knew you and directly called you to give treatments to Lotte. The results are phenomenal and I could definitely say your treatments have worked successfully.
When I saw Lotte I couldnt believe what I saw, her burn was so fiery and full of big blisters, it was harrowing to see!
Nevertheless Lotte indicated that she no longer had any pain which I almost could not imagine. However, she was no longer in pain and the grooming (flamazinne) of the wound didnt not hurt either, WE CANNOT EXPRESS ENOUGH THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR US. That’s why I was curious and visited your site, your number is in the agenda and I hope I do not need it for anyone, but if that is the case then I will definitely call.
CARLA Thank you very much on behalf of Lotte, who carries you with her heart just like us.
Do you have tips for taking care of the wound, blisters then I would like to hear it.
Kind regards,