hi claudia

I found your site on the internet and wondered if you could help me.
last Thursday I burned when I was eating food with hot oil, the oil jumped in my face and now all have spots.
According to the doctor, the first and second degree are bad
it does not really hurt anymore, except for a burn spot that sits just above my eyebrow on the top left.

Now I read on your site that you only take pain away but that you often hear that the wounds heal faster.
I wanted to ask you anyway if you could try to help me, my niece is getting married on September 9th and every help is welcome if the wounds can heal faster I do not really like to sit around with a burnt head to get there: ((((
i live in denmark the city Odense.
The burns are on my face, next to me nose on my cheeks and above me beckon and on my nose ..

my call name is Eylem, my real name on passport is Leyla

I hope you can help me.

Greetings Hi Claudia

Well your gift really works so also with the faster heal!
The spots in my face are almost out of sight and with a little make-up you just do not see them .. so you are very grateful ..

Now I had no pain any more when I wrote to you but the proof that I am really convinced that the spots heal faster is the following, the spots I told you are all over, but I also had one just below my hairline above my hair ear on the side of my face ..
I did not tell you that stain and all the other spots are gone. Only that stain is still brown, my hair falls over it so it does not make any difference …
you are really my hero.your number is at least in my phone though I hope it will not be necessary anymore

A lot of love Eylem