Hi Claudia,

First of all: many thanks for your help last night!
Yesterday evening I burned a lot on a grid of the oven. It was a spot of at least ten centimeters long and around it a very painful circle that might hurt more. I chilled under the tap for a long time and then searched the internet for tips on burns. I burn me regularly during cooking :-), but never as bad as yesterday. I came to your site and after reading I called you directly. Shortly after our conversation it started to tingle and it became ‘pleasant’ warm. It took a little while to get rid of pain, but within the hour the pain was gone! In addition, I also slept fantastically. This morning I had the idea that I had dreamed it, because I did not feel anything anymore. Once again; thank you very much. You are a special person; anyway because of your healing power, but also because of your will to share it!