Hi Claudia,

During ironing I had my forearm against the iron, (stupid, stupid, stupid, but yes household accidents happen most). The wound was about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide. Within a short time there was a blister and it started to “shrine”, the pain really pulled inside. Then I contacted you by telephone.
Well shortly afterwards there was a kind of distressing feeling but in a different way, it almost immediately felt “enlightening”. After that, the pain disappeared and I just worked all day in the store, I did not even think about my arm anymore. The wound is now dark red but is already pulling away. At the spot of the blister the skin is pulled together and has not opened.
Only after you called me in the evening to inquire about the burn, I thought that I had no problems at all, VERY nice, because at first it was very painful.
Thank you very much for taking away the pain and the interest you showed.
I will certainly pass this on to many acquaintances and give you your phone number, you never know when someone needs it.
Personally, I do not know what it is that you have to do for it. But I know it helps!
I wish you success with pain-relieving burns and hope that you can help anyone who contacts you.
Thanks again,

Greetings Elizabeth